Mechanical Techno Demonstration

Made on the last day of the residency with Michael Forrest, this little video demonstrates some of the techniques I use to create tracks, plus records and tone arm made during the month at Machines Room.


Ghost in the Machine Music: event reviewed

“The set up for the event was akin to a workshop,” reports Jay Harper for Freq. “The room at the back of the seemingly vast New River Studios replete with a large table (or set of tables, who knows?) chock-a-block with musical gadgets and contraptions (surely a techie’s wet dream?). The audience were invited by Dunning to walk around the table and take a good look at the boxes on display. Of course, once proceedings were underway, the audience regressed back to the usual gig etiquette and stood at a respectful distance from the performer.”

Read the full review here:

Article on Oneida’s track “Sheets of Easter” and rhythm & drone


This great article describes Oneida’s track Sheets of Easter – a 15 minute high speed motorik barrage – in relation to Rhythm & Drone and its sonic affect. My experience of the track is similar to the author’s – this was something of an eye (ear?) opener for me seeing the group play live for the first time a few years ago.

With these things considered, I would like to theorize that the right combination of a solid 4/4 beat and a droning, hypnotic sound which predominantly seldom deviate from their primary forms could be considered the ultimate form of music: One that provides two forms of stability unified as one in a perfect balance, which under varying circumstances could be enjoyed as a solid flow of sound that is either permanently stimulating or gradually becoming part of the furniture. This, dear reader, is why I think “Sheets of Easter” by Oneida is one of the most crucially important pieces of music I’ve ever heard.

Fractal Meat radio show – Rhythm & Drone special, including live edits

To mark the end of the residency and the closing event I themed my fortnightly radio show, Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone, around Rhythm & Drone. The show features edits of all the live sets the previous evening, plus a tracklist of pieces related to my research for the residency.

Stream the show here, via NTS on Mixcloud. Full tracklist below.

Graham Dunning – improvisation for two timecode records
Leslie Deere – Live at Ghost in the Machine Music, 1st October 2015
Dead Neanderthals – Endless Voids part IV
Artificial Heart – Flow
Pete Swanson – Punk Authority
Shelley Parker – Live at Ghost in the Machine Music, 1st October 2015
Philip Jeck – Hindquarters
Earth – Thrones and Dominions
Tom Mudd – Live at Ghost in the Machine Music, 1st October 2015
Autechre – 0=0
Slash’s Wormhole – Quiet Eruptions
Simon Scott – Oaks Grow Strong
Voi Doid – Bhagavad
Tom Richards – – Live at Ghost in the Machine Music, 1st October 2015
Kraftwerk – Antenna
Kraftwerk – Antenna (two copies played at the same time)
Graham Dunning – Live at Ghost in the Machine Music, 1st October 2015
Jeff Mills – Axis EP track 5
Ergo Phizmiz – Quartet 2

Day 15/16: Back to Machines Room

setup01Following the week away I’ve moved my stuff back to Machines Room and started getting ready for the performance on Thursday.

Today was also the fourth and final discussion group, with Leslie Deere – I’ll get the recordings up soon.

Tomorrow being the final full day I’ll spend most of the time documenting what I’ve made and practising for the gig. I’m planning on using some live visuals for the performance so hopefully can get that up and running in time (temperamental equipment dependent).

Artist residency research and documentation blog by Graham Dunning