Listening & Reading lists

Keeping a track of books and recordings relating to the residency. I’ll update this page as the project unfolds. These references are listed in no particular order, this is a jumping off point rather than a formal bibliography.

UPDATE: have now made a youtube playlist which is an easier way to keep everything in one place:

Listening List

On 14th August I asked people on twitter for their recommendations of drone tracks, compositions or pieces. Many thanks to all those who contributed.

Double Leopards – Halve Maen
Track: The Fatal Affront
Sound Holes ‏@sndhls 

Deathprod’s Morals & Dogma, Treetop Drive LPs
Track: Dead People’s Things
Ian Watson ‏@uhohwatson

Burning Star Core – Mes Soldats Stupides
Track: Mes Soldats Stupides (demo)
Robin Foster @robinpfoster

Tasos Stamou’s Seven Synth Drone Studies
Track: Study 7
Robin Foster @robinpfoster

Skjolbrot – Maersk
Ian Watson ‏@uhohwatson

The Theatre of Eternal Music – B flat dorian blues 19 x 63
Angus MacLise , John Cale , LaMonte Young , Marion Zazeela , Terry Jennings , Tony Conrad
Ted Dexter-Crow ‏@crowphonics

anything by Eliane Radigue
Track: Kyema
Chris D.N.P ‏@Brumcast

Lustmord – Metastatic Resonance
c. reider ‏@vuzhmusic

Einstürzende Neubauten – Das Schaben
c. reider ‏@vuzhmusic

Loscil – Goat Mountain
c. reider ‏@vuzhmusic

Wieland Samolak – (2)
c. reider ‏@vuzhmusic

Mysterybear – Herald of Water
Free Music Archive
c. reider ‏@vuzhmusic

Coil – Methoxy-ß-Carboline (Telepathine)
c. reider ‏@vuzhmusic

Eliane Radigue – Adnos II
Exerpts from I-III: youtube
c. reider @vuzhmusic

 Jeff Greinke – Scud
c. reider @vuzhmusic

The entirety of Jeph Jerman’s “Quo Modo Deum”
c. reider @vuzhmusic

Tod Dockstader’s Aerial series
c. reider @vuzhmusic

Darcy Odrai – Fargemetrics
c. reider @vuzhmusic

Asmus Tietchens / Vidna Obmana – vot3
track: vot4
c. reider @vuzhmusic

Reading List

Arthur Koestler – Ghost in the Machine
Specificaly the concept of the holon and sub-assemblies working independently as well as as part of a greater whole. Also relating to understanding of music by breaking down into such constituent parts.
Similarly thinking about machines in anthropomorphic terms – machines exhibiting unpredictable or unexpected behaviours.

R. Murray Schaefer – The Soundscape: Our Sonic Environmemnt and the Tuning of the World
Specifically useful for Schaefer’s writing on changing definitions of noise and thinking about different ways of listening.

Ian Buchanan & Marcel Swiboda (Eds) – Deleuze and Music
With chapters specifically relating to rhythm and affect, drawing on Deleuze’s Difference and Repetition and Deleuze & Guattari’s A Thousand Plateaus.

Paul Granjon – Hand-Made Machines
A selection of the artist’s work since 1996. Granjon makes robots and various machines for performances, videos and installations.

Seth Kim-Cohen – In The Blink of an Ear: Towards a Non-Cochlear Sound Art
Thinking about expanding the breadth (and depth) of sound art beyond sound making.

Judy Hindley & Colin King – How Your Body Works
A book I loved as a kid, the illustrations show the human body as a series of machines denoting different processes. Interesting in considering the wider references to be made to the human body in creating experimental automata.