Rhythm & Drone // Research & Development – Residency at Lime Wharf / Machines Room

Throughout September I’ll be artist / maker in residence at LimeWharf Machines Room. During the month I will be exploring Rhythm & Drone as they relate to my art practice; making and exhibiting new things at the venue; hosting a series of discussion groups with other artists and curators; running a workshop; and curating a live event at the close of the month.

More info on the events here.

I’ll use this blog to document my research, the things I make, the discussion groups and the live shows. Please feel free to come along to the site to visit and have a chat – I’ll be there on the following dates in September:

Tuesday 1st to Friday 5th;
Monday 7th to Friday 11th;
Monday 14th to Friday 18th;
Monday 28th to Wednesday 30th.

Please drop me a line if you have any questions or want to get involved – gndunning@gmail.com
I’m also on twitter: @grahamdunning


Rhythm & Drone // Research & Development is supported by Arts Council England.


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