Discussion group with Mark Jackson – curator at IMT Gallery and specialist in sound and audio-visual practice.

On Friday 4th September from 2-4pm, Mark Jackson will be guest for the discussion group. The group is informal and all participants will be welcome to share their thoughts and ideas. We’ll be discussing recurring themes in Mark’s curatorial practice, connections to Rhythm & Drone, new ideas from the residency and various tangential and semi-related thoughts.

Jackson has been the curator at IMT Gallery since the gallery was founded in 2005, specialising in sound art and audiovisual practice,[4] and curating exhibitions including 2010’s Dead Fingers Talk: The Tape Experiments of William S. Burroughs, an exhibition of unreleased experiments with audio tape by William S. Burroughs.[5][6][7] He is an authority on Burroughs’s experiments with tape, researching a PhD on the tape experiments at University of the Arts London, supervised by Angus Carlyle,[8] and speaking on Burroughs at conferences including Beyond the Cut-up: William S. Burroughs and the Image at the The Photographers’ Gallery[9] and the Sound Art Curating conference at ZKM.[10] In 2014 he composed This is a game called ‘Hello, hello, here is X.X.’ a limited-edition art-work in the form of a vinyl made from a recorded interview between Burroughs and journalist Roger Clarke.[11][12] 
– wikipedia.org

Rhythm & Drone Discussion group with Mark Jackson
Machines Room: Meeting Room
Friday 11th September, 2pm to 4pm.
45 Vyner Street (Ground Floor), London E2 9DQ
Machines Room is located towards the end of Vyner Street in a warehouse building on the left hand side coming from Cambridge Heath.​​



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