Day 2: Rhythm & Drone, Fluxus and The Ghost in the Machine – research and writing

Today I’ve mostly been working on a piece of writing for the exhibition Symphony of Hunger; Digesting Fluxus in Four Movements in a couple of weeks, at which I’ll perform a Rhythm & Drone set for the first time, to a Fluxus-style score.

The score will be called Holon Music and will be based on Arthur Koesteler’s term as defined in The Ghost in the Machine.

It’s already been a great excuse to get stuck into some research – I’ll post a few of the more meaty quotes up shortly.


Arthur Koestler on holons

1951: John Cage in the anechoic chamber

R. Murray Schaefer on drone and “lo-fi soundscape”

Drew Hemmet’s Deleuzian reading of the ‘break’


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