Drew Hemmet’s Deleuzian reading of the ‘break’

“Put most simply, the break is a dynamic, driving section within a song, a rhythmic segment – such as a drum solo – that captures the particular motion of the music. Here the museme may be seen as a directional vector, a block of spacetime that contains its own coordinates within itself whilst simultaneously opening a window onto the whole. It is a key segment of the genetic code which contains within itself a diagram of the motility of the track and from which the rest of the audio motion may be deduced. … It is a ‘heterogenous block of space-time’ (Deleuze and Guattari: 1987), a window onto another world and another temporality that does not lose its difference in being repeated, but rather amplifies it within a rhythmic assemblage.”

from Affect and Individuation in Popular Electronic Music by Drew Hemment,
in Deleuze and Music, ed. Ian buchanan and Marcel Swiboda


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