Day 4 – stand making and discussion group

I started the day by beginning building the stands for the micro-switch tone-arms which will be used to control a synth, via a music-box style sequencer. The laser cutter is broken at the moment so couldn’t get that far, but pleased with the completed stands, pictured.


This afternoon was the first discussion group: with guest Mark Jackson, curator specialising in sound art, and expert on William Burroughs.  The discussion was nicely rambling: we talked about drone vs noise; the purpose of drone in music or sound art; silence as a spectrum; Deleuze’s refrain as whistling in the forest to ward off monsters; pausing time with rhythm and drone; methods of documenting to manipulate the future; and loads of other stuff.

I’ve uploaded the talk here, and will add the forthcoming recordings into the same archive page.  You can listen online or download from this page.

I’m also pleased to have got my workspace all set up – do feel free to drop by next week for a chat and to see what I’m getting up to.



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