Stefan Goldmann: Mills, Hood and FM Synthesis as a Metaphor

This is a really interesting article, going into the process of making techno and the unique make-up of the genre. Particular passages that struck me are below.

Stefan Goldmann: Mills, Hood and FM Synthesis as a Metaphor

This process of close repetition eventually transforms every aspect of music: from micro-rhythmic deviations (hence the science of “shuffles”) to pitch bend curves, filter cut-off envelopes, compression curves, reverb tails and noise contours – all set to amalgamate into one entity where everything moves in relation to everything else. This all happens experimentally, in a real time feedback loop between gradual changes to individual parameters and the perceptual evaluation of the resultant gestalt. An electronic production environment empowers you to decide which features will be categorical and which will be just nuances. Repetition as a magnifying glass.

Each layer is modulated by all others, mirroring the others, imprinting contours onto each other. Everything is melting into a convoluted perceptual entity where the products of cross-modulation form their own emergent aesthetic layer. No doubt the stark patterns have obvious rhythmic values, but all the time these also carry other information that wouldn’t exist without a carrier to be projected on.




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