Day 8/9: Tone arm crane, visual research, dubplates and discussion group

A couple of days working on the laser cutting machine to make a crane for the tone arm. I initially planned to make a static vertical stand but realised it could be more useful for it to be telescopic in some way. Here are some bits from the sketchbook and a couple of other ideas too.

The first attempt was a bit wobbly, as only one set of rods on each level. I added a second layer plus some horizontal beams for feet. Here are a couple of photos showing the crane at minimum and maximum extension

Also over the last couple of days – visual research in a couple of great books courtesy of Gareth Owen Lloyd with his selections from the Maker Library at Machines Room.

And I took delivery of a couple of dubplates this morning too. I’ll use these for my performance next week at the Romney Marsh performance. On the disks are recordings of the wind farm in the area made by Caleb Madden, whose installation will be showing at the event.

Finally the discussion group with Tom Richards which went well. I’ll have the edited sound uploaded soon. Thanks to everyone who came along.




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