Day 10: Arm latch, blanked-out record and more research.

A couple of modifications to the adjustable height tone arm. First a latch to hold it off the record when not in use. I made a couple of tests out of card first to get the dimensions right.

I also made some pointy feet, or ‘talons’ as Mark called them, to add a bit more stability.


Finally I used the vinyl cutter to blank out some records. This is a technique I use already when ‘live sampling’ from records – it allows only a snippet of a track through per rotation of the platter. The tone arm needs to be held in place to stop it sliding straight to the centre, and to keep the loop playing.



I also updated the blog this morning with some of the reading I’ve been doing around Rhythm & Drone
John Stephens on rhythm as a fundamental element of music
Christoph Cox – Being as Time in the Sonic Arts “The real distinction is between two kinds of time”
The drone in Indian ragas – Derek Bailey and Bill Viola


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