Article on Oneida’s track “Sheets of Easter” and rhythm & drone


This great article describes Oneida’s track Sheets of Easter – a 15 minute high speed motorik barrage – in relation to Rhythm & Drone and its sonic affect. My experience of the track is similar to the author’s – this was something of an eye (ear?) opener for me seeing the group play live for the first time a few years ago.

With these things considered, I would like to theorize that the right combination of a solid 4/4 beat and a droning, hypnotic sound which predominantly seldom deviate from their primary forms could be considered the ultimate form of music: One that provides two forms of stability unified as one in a perfect balance, which under varying circumstances could be enjoyed as a solid flow of sound that is either permanently stimulating or gradually becoming part of the furniture. This, dear reader, is why I think “Sheets of Easter” by Oneida is one of the most crucially important pieces of music I’ve ever heard.


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